Newsletter Template

Live 2 B Healthy® Senior Fitness franchise owners are now able to release monthly newsletters to email contacts. Follow the instructions listed to below to customize your information and send off the letter.

New – Automate the newsletter system!  Do you have more to do than you can handle?  Why not just automate the newsletter delivery and get that off your plate?  Simply fill out this form and leave it to us!  Please note:  As you update your contact list, it is important to continue to update your email contacts!  There is no need to “Clean up your list” or only send the new names.  Just add to your list and resend it, using the same form.  Our email distribution system will clean up duplicate names and/or update information.


  1. Click to download the Newsletter edition that you’d like to edit and send
  2. Open the Newsletter and click the appropriate areas to edit your NAME, PHONE, and EMAIL.
  3. For regions who do not have their own websites & social media pages, please skip to #4. To edit the hyperlink of the icon to point to your website, facebook page, etc. Click the icon you’d like to edit. Under the ‘Insert’ tab, click the ‘Hyperlink’ icon and then update the address field to your website link. Click Ok.
  4. Under the ‘File’ menu, click ‘Save As’ and then choose ‘PDF’ as the file type –  name the file MONTH YEAR (i.e. November 2012)  and click Ok. (Please do not email this newsletter out as a word document.)
  5. Open your Live 2 B Healthy® email, and compose a new email.
  6. In the BCC line, enter all email addresses that you’d like to send the newsletter to.
  7. Attach the PDF file version of the newsletter to the email.
  8. Write a message in the composition window asking readers to check out our attached newsletter.
  9. Click ‘Send’!
















Have questions, or need assistance? Email for help!