Franchise FAQs

Buying a business is a big commitment. Naturally, you’ve got questions. Below are some of the most frequent questions we hear from dynamic business leaders who are interested in joining our team:

 What does it take to be a successful Live 2 B Healthy® Franchise Owner? Although Live 2 B Healthy® is unique because the company is part of a growing industry that serves a booming demographic, the skills needed to be a successful franchise are very similar to the skills you’ve used in your successful career: positive attitude; strong work ethic; teamwork; willingness to learn; interest in a healthy lifestyle; honesty and integrity.

How long is the contract? The Live 2 B Healthy® franchise agreement is a 10-year contract. Keep in mind that the contract protects both the company and our Franchise Owners by clarifying and limiting Franchise Owner obligations. We want you to spend time growing your business, not poring over fine print.  After ten years, you’ll have the option to renew. This gives you the option to continue building your business.

What do I actually get with my initial payment?  In a nutshell…lots! Please refer to the Live 2 B Healthy® franchise Products and Services Sheet for an overview of all the Marketing & Sales, Training, Business Coaching, Contracts, Fitness Exercises, Web Support and Team Management Materials we offer.

What about cost increases? Live 2 B Healthy®  goes out of our way to ensure that we don’t price you out of business. In fact, unlike most franchises there is no monthly royalty fee during the first four months of business. You make your initial Year 1 payment, and then your first royalty payment is in the fifth month. We believe that our royalty fees are not only fair: they’re extremely competitive. Please compare our franchise cost with others: we think you’ll be impressed.

What about the Marketing Fee? The marketing fee increase is capped.  Also keep in mind that the marketing budget doesn’t just come from monthly fees: all of Live 2 B Healthy® ’s proceeds from product sales to franchisees go directly into the marketing fund, directly benefitting our franchisees. So every time you purchase exercise equipment, apparel, and even business cards, you’re not only getting a negotiated rate that’s competitive, but you’re also building your business’s brand.

Why am I limited to two participants in the Live 2 B Healthy® training? While Live 2 B Healthy® wants to be sure that your region has the best possible training; we also need to focus on supporting your region with other services such as marketing and technology.  We’ve also found that our franchisees are better leaders when they’re hands-on enough to train their own teams.  But, you’re Director of Operations or Director of Training cannot be trained by you, they would have to come to our central training program.  You’ll notice that your region can send both the Director of Operations and the Director of Training to our central training program. If you’re not ready to send two people immediately, you can have one person wear both hats and then send a second person (either Director of Operations or Director of Training) to training as your region grows, at no additional charge.

When my franchise’s Director of Training is close to 30 classes, and we’re still growing, do we really need to hire another Training Director? Resident safety is our primary concern, followed closely by customer service. Our experience shows that one individual supervising more than thirty classes spends too much time in the car, and too little time actually evaluating the classes and visiting facilities. This is the reason that we restrict the number of classes that any one Director of Training can supervise.  Our franchisees find that when they reach this point in their business growth, they’re thrilled to expand their team.

Does Live 2 B Healthy® charge the same training fee in every market? We know the product: you know your local market. While Live 2 B Healthy offers a recommended pricing structure, with a cash flow projection tool that helps our Franchise Owners do what-if analysis, the final pricing decision is up to each individual Franchise Owner and the Live 2 B Healthy®  board.

 I’m working with a national senior community. They love our fitness classes, and they want to add Live 2 B Healthy®  in communities outside my region. Do I get a referral fee? First of all, congratulations on doing such a great job: if your customer wants to expand, you’re doing something right!  Live 2 B Healthy® encourages reciprocity, so if someone outside your region sells training to a community in your region you’ll get the benefit. While there’s no formal commission contract, we encourage franchise owners to support one another by offering a portion of the sale in exchange for referrals and support.

While these are some of the most commonly asked questions, there may still be a few on your mind. If you don’t see the info you need, please, get in touch:, or (612) 986-1497.

We look forward to hearing from you.


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