Balance Wellness Series for Communities

Through physical fitness and training Live 2 B Healthy® can assist our communities in offering an amenity of choice that keeps residents healthy and families happy.

Our certified trainers specialize in group fitness, improve socialization and mobility, reduce resident reliance on staff and build wellness — one class at a time.

Live 2 B Healthy® views Wellness as a system of interconnecting cogs – each entirely dependent upon the other to maintain maximum independence.  Of course, the more seniors know about their own health, the better prepared they are when issues arise. In many instances, with some basic knowledge, we can actually prevent illness or injury — or limit the impact they have on senior’s lives. To help senior residents maintain their health and independence, we have developed a series of FREE presentations. A Balanced Approach to Senior Wellness is an educational program that provides a valuable benefit for senior residents and has received exceptional praise from senior living facilities across the country that partner with us.
We have a variety of relevant health & wellness topics to choose from to help keep seniors informed of the latest information and research involving wellness topics in areas pertaining to a balanced approach to renewing their health. Following each presentation, easy-to-read handouts are distributed to reinforce the information covered.

Benefits to Communities, Class Participants & Residents:

A Balanced Approach to Senior Wellness presentations series is a great added value senior living communities can provide to residents at no cost to the community. It is an excellent way to demonstrate care about their well-being and can assist in promoting a healthier lifestyle.  Communities benefit from:

    • Time and money saved by not having to develop their own programs
    • The promotion of independent, healthy lifestyles for their residents
    • Increased socialization and interaction among their residents

A Balanced Approach to Senior Wellness Topics:

Please click on any of the topics below to access the FREE Senior Wellness Materials available.   Any of these materials are absolutely FREE and can be utilized by any senior living community.  The only requirement to using them is they are not to be altered in any way without prior approval from Live 2 B Healthy®.  For questions regarding the use of these materials, please contact our Marketing Department.